Filing Bankruptcy Will Stop Utility Disconnection in Ohio

Filing bankruptcy will stop a utility disconnection by Federal law.  Filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy will eliminate the debt owed from a utility bill along with most of your other debts.  After a utility bill gets so high, the utility company will send you a notice to shut off your utilities.  This can create a disaster not having the ability to use a refrigerator, stove, hot water, and other major appliances.  In many situations, the money the utility company asks for you simply do not have.

Can Filing Bankruptcy Get My Utilities Turned Back On?

Filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy will get your utilities turned back on if they have already been turned off.  After filing bankruptcy, your attorney will send what is called an “autostay” to get your utilities turned back on.  The autostay pretty much says that there has been a bankruptcy filed and that the utilities must be turned back on according to Federal law.

How Do I Stop a Utility Disconnection?

There are only a few ways you can stop a utility disconnection or utility shut-off.  The first way is to pay the amount requested.  There should be a total amount owed and an amount that the utility company will accept to prevent the utility shut-off.  If you don’t have the amount of money requested by the utility company to prevent the utility shut-off, filing bankruptcy may be the best option for you.  Filing bankruptcy will stop the utility shut-off and will also eliminate most of your other debts or bills.  There are also programs out there that can be of help such as the Percentage of Income Payment Plan Plus (PIPP Plus) program for those who are in poverty.  Some of the most common utility companies in Ohio are AEP, Columbia Gas, and City of Columbus Power & Water.

What Other Ways Can Bankruptcy Help?

There are many ways bankruptcy can help out financially.  Filing bankruptcy will discharge or eliminate most of your debts including credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, utility bills, items sent to third-party collections, evictions, reinstatement fees, repossessed vehicles, foreclosed homes, reinstatement fees, and attorney fees.  Filing bankruptcy will automatically stop a utility disconnection, wage garnishment, foreclosure, sheriff sale, and vehicle repossession by Federal law.  You can even get your driver’s license back from suspension by eliminating reinstatement fees and debt owed from a lawsuit.

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