How Filing Bankruptcy Can Help You Get Financed in Ohio

Many Americans living in Ohio are filing bankruptcy so that they are able to get financed.  Filing bankruptcy can help you get financed for a vehicle or get approved for an apartment.  Filing bankruptcy will also eliminate most of your debts such as credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, utility bills, and items sent to third-party collections.  You can also eliminate repossessed vehicles, evictions, foreclosed properties, reinstatement fees, and attorney fees.

Just because you file bankruptcy doesn’t mean that you will ruin your credit.  Bankruptcy can help you increase your credit score by eliminating debts that are in collections or in default that are negatively bringing down your credit score.

The Reason Why I Can Get Financed After a Bankruptcy

The reason why you can get financed after a bankruptcy is because you will be debt free.  By not having debt, creditors see that you will have enough money at the end of the month to pay on the loan you are trying to get financed.  The creditor also knows that because a bankruptcy has been filed recently that another bankruptcy being filed in the near future will be unlikely.  Another reason is because there will be no open negative accounts dragging down your credit score.  Not only can you get financed after a bankruptcy, but you will eliminate most of your debts and increase your credit score.

How Bankruptcy Can Increase Your Credit Score

Many Americans living in Ohio file a strategic bankruptcy to increase their credit score and allow them the opportunity to get financed if they need to. If there are outstanding debts that are in default or in collections, those accounts drag down your credit score month after month. After so much time elapses, this can create the inability to get financed. Filing a bankruptcy will eliminate the debts that are dragging down your credit score and will give you a fresh start. After the debts are eliminated, the bills that you pay on will increase your credit score and allow one to get financed if they need to.

Ways Bankruptcy Can Help You and Your Family

  • Get a Fresh Start by Eliminating Most Debts Owed
  • Cease or Stop All Creditor Collection Efforts Against You
  • Stop a Lawsuit From Beginning or Continuing
  • Stop a Wage Garnishment
  • Stop a Foreclosure / Sheriff Sale
  • Stop a Vehicle Repossession
  • Get a Vehicle Back From Repossession
  • Stop a Utility Disconnection
  • Get Driver’s License Back From Suspension
  • Rebuild Credit
  • Get Financed For a Vehicle
  • Get Approved For an Apartment
  • Stall an Eviction

Getting Legal Advice From an Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney in Ohio

It is very important that you speak with an experienced Bankruptcy Attorney when getting legal advice.  There are many legal options that may be available to you and the only way to find out what those legal options are is to speak with someone that conducts that line of work every day.  The friendly Law Office of M. Sean Cydrus offers a free consultation to those who are contemplating bankruptcy or looking for a solution to resolve a difficult financial situation.  Call today for a free bankruptcy consultation with an attorney with experience and compassion.  Help is just one phone call away! 614-934-1544

The Law Office of M. Sean Cydrus Cares About You and is Here For You Every Step Along the Way!

The Law Office of M. Sean Cydrus is not just here to file your bankruptcy. We are here to address all legal issues that there may be, file your bankruptcy, represent you in court, and to give you some tips and pointers after the bankruptcy to help you rebuild your credit and to lead you in the right direction for financial success. We are here for you every step along the way and still here for you after the bankruptcy is over. We never hesitate to act quickly and efficiently when time is of the essence. Call today for a free bankruptcy consultation! Help is just one phone call away! 614-934-1544

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