Looking for a permanent solution to your debt problems? Ohio bankruptcy attorneys can help

Are you facing the difficult choice between paying for food, medications and utilities or credit cards and the mortgage?

Do you avoid answering the phone or opening the mail because you’re avoiding the high-pressure collections agents?

Are you looking for a way to start fresh financially?

You are not alone. Our nation is in a troubled economic crisis, leaving millions of American households in a  the dire position of choosing between paying debts and paying their monthly living expenses.

You can achieve freedom from the daily pressures of debt, and build a foundation for a brighter financial future. Let’s look at some options.

Dozens of options for Ohio debt relief, but only one real solution

The economic crisis has led to debt consolidation and debt settlement agencies popping up left and right

They attract you with advertising that paints debt relief as easy. But debt consolidation and debt settlement fail over 90% of the time, leaving you back where you started — looking for permanent relief from debt.

So why do these agencies have such a high failure rate?

  • Debt consolidation/settlement still requires you make payments you can’t afford. Unlike the options your Ohio bankruptcy attorney can discuss with you, debt consolidation plans and debt settlement payments are based on what the creditors ask for, not what you can truly afford. This leads to many consumers being unable to pay for their new debt repayment plans.
  • Debt settlement can affect your taxes. A debt settlement program may not fully disclose the impact that settling your debt can have on your taxes. These unanticipated costs can drive up the overall cost of restructuring your debt.
  • Debt settlement doesn’t save you from being sued by your creditors. Every day we receive calls from people like you who thought debt settlement would protect them, and are being summoned for a civil lawsuit. These hard working people have already invested their time and money in these programs and still need to turn to bankruptcy to avoid having their wages garnished.

What makes bankruptcy a better option than debt settlement/consolidation?

Bankruptcy is the clearest path to a fresh financial start, with over a 90% success rate. Unlike with settlements and consolidations, your Ohio bankruptcy attorneys can help you achieve a legal solution that forces creditors to play by a defined set of rules.

Bankruptcy is also the only solution that terminates collection calls, freezes collection activity and stops pending lawsuits, reducing your financial stress and eliminating further worry.

Plus, your Ohio bankruptcy attorney can save you thousands of dollars in comparison to the debt consolidation or debt settlement plan. A debt settlement plan will likely still require you to pay 20% of your total debt plus up to $5,000 or more in fees and services. The debt consolidation companies would have you believe that moving your debt to a single payment is the best way to get out of debt, but you may not know that under a consolidation plan, you pay all of the money that you owe plus accrued interest. Bankruptcy can be a much less expensive and more effective path to Ohio debt relief.

Bankruptcy is clearly the quickest and most effective solution to resolving problem debt. Bankruptcy is the most cost effective way to deal with unbearable debt in the shortest amount of time and receive the most comprehensive outcome for Ohio debt relief.

You can take a great step in the right financial direction

Bankruptcy is a legal protection offered to you to help you solve your debt problems. The media and major creditors may paint bankruptcy as “bad,” but the system exists to help people like you who are in need of debt relief. To get the full picture of how an Ohio bankruptcy attorney can help you escape the pressures of debt, call now or contact us for a free consultation.